the Hammond 935 "suits and jeans" organ

The Hammond 935 OrganHi, I'm Cliff Unruh.  Do you want both classical and Gospel as well as some jazz and rock thrown in as well? The Hammond 935 does it all, and quite well.  Not long after the Hammond 935 was first introduced, we began referring to it as "the suits and jeans organ."  In fact, one of the most successful promotional concerts Hammond Central ever produced with the 935 was lovingly billed, in Oakland, as the "Suits and Jeans Concert." We had Mr. Robert Carr play some Bach and Couperin followed by Hammond's Jay Valle with some great jazzy arrangements.  The concert was topped off by the number one Gospel player around, Mr. Deryl Winston, who rocked the place out!  Afterwards everyone was ecstatic saying that they never would have believed that one instrument could be so versatile!

It’s the perfect combination of Hammond’s drawbars and superb classic voices and it’s the organ that will fit any player.  The 935 also contains 383 digitally sampled extra voices, disk drive, sequencing, and internal speakers to support any church’s musical needs. Imagine one instrument that can be used to play Gospel, Classical and Contemporary Christian music. Imagine further an instrument with MIDI controller capabilities heretofore unheard of in an instrument of this type. The Hammond 935 Classic Organ gives you all of this and more.

Tonal Resources :
The famous Hammond Harmonic Drawbars are incorporated using Hammond's DRH" sampling technology. Even such things as Drawbar foldbacks at the top and bottom octaves and Key Click variances are included to reproduce the classic "tonewheel" sound with utmost fidelity. The resources of a traditional pipe organ are represented, with a wealth of organ voices very carefully chosen and voiced to give the distinctive "American organ" sound. All four families of organ tone are represented, enabling every type of classical organ literature to be rendered exactly as written. In addition, a full selection of orchestral voices such as Grand Piano, Strings and Choir is included to allow the rendering of contemporary orchestral arrangements.

The 935 has one of the most powerful MIDI implementations to be found anywhere on a church organ, such as 7-channel MIDI keyboard controller capability, Program and Controller changes, and the ability to "map" the manuals so as to selectively play the internal voices or voices from a connected MIDI device. The built-in Disk Drive allows you to record and store your own musical arrangements on floppy disks, as well as store banks of Combination settings.

Leslie® Ready :
In addition to the built-in electronic Leslie, the 935 can accept a wide range of additional Leslie speakers including the 971 along with, perhaps, a pair of 525 Leslies and even a subwoofer (18 inch maybe?)


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